The Sofia Boys Choir Wins First Prize at the International Choral Festival in Poland

The Sofia Boys Choir, based at Chitalishte Tzar Boris III - 1928, conducted by Professor Adriana Blagoeva, D. M. has been awarded First Prize in the Children and Youth Choirs category at the 38th International Festival of Orthodox Church Music “Hajnowka” in Poland in 2019.

The Festival, which took place May 15-19 in the town of Bialystok, was under the patronage of Poland’s president, Andrzej Duda. The concerts was broadcast on the Polish National Television and Polish National Radio Stations.

A total of 27 choral ensembles from Bulgaria, Moldova, Georgia, Russia, Slovakia, Belarus, Ukraine, Latvia, Serbia, Estonia and Ghana took part among the five contest categories. The Sofia Boys Choir represented the Bulgarian Choral Tradition with works by Dobri Hristov, Stoyan Babekov, Alexander Arhangelski, Stepan Degtyaryov, Sergey Trubachov, Aleksey Turenkov, Vasiliy Titov and others.

Within the framework of the Festival, the Sofia Boys Choir performed two additional concerts in Byalistok and nearby towns.

On May 20th, the Choir had a separate concert at the St. Anna Cathedral in Budapest. The performance was filmed by the Hungarian National Television.

Pictures: here.