“The sound the choir produces is exceptionally beautiful, their diction – superb, every song is presented with profound expertise. The conductor Adriana Blagoeva is very talented and most precise in her style of conducting, utilizing graceful gestures to convey thorough understanding of the subject matter.”

Dr. Gene Brooks, General Director of the American Choral Directors Association

“The professionalism the conductor and choir exhibited made a significant impression on me: perfection, stability of intonation, rich vocal color, remarkable performance culture.”

Edward Slavik, Conductor, Sweden

“I found the Sofia Boys’ Choir to be an army of rowdy boys who transformed themselves into incredibly diligent professionals on the stage. Their conductor Adriana Blagoeva is the gentle general of this army, embodying strength, sprit, ambition, discipline and artistic sense. I wish them best of luck in their hard and momentous endeavors!”

Professor Lidia Oshavkova

“Beautiful voices, incredible mastery of musical material, rich expression of the highest level internationally!”

Nobuhito Tsubakino, Conductor, Japan

'My congratulations for the vocal quality of Sofia Boys Choir! I admire this inimitable sonority!'

Vic Nees, composer, Belgium

“I am happy to have had the chance to experience and hear your beauty. The choir is outstanding, angelic!”

Rodolfo Delarmente, Conductor, The Philipines

“Delightful Bulgarian children’s choir with a brilliant conductor! Yet another mystery of the Bulgarian voices!”

Professor Paul Verle, Conductor, Germany


“Beauty of expression, addictive musicality, absolute uniformity of sound, crystal intonation, impressive youthful sound!”

Professor Vasil Arnaudov, Conductor