Alumni Club “Friends of the Sofia Boys’ Choir”

On November 2, 2013, the conductor of the Sofia Boys’ Choir created the alumni club “Friends of the Sofia Boys’ Choir”.

Ex-choristers received certificates of gratitude for their substantial contributions to the development of the SBC. The organization provides a network among former singers and, by tracking and cataloguing their accomplishments, further boosts the reputation and popularity of the choir.

All choristers wishing to join the Alumni Club may do so by filling out the contact form.


Main Goals

  • To create a link between the past, present and future of the Sofia Boys’ Choir by maintaining relationships between former and current singers.
  • To represent and defend the rights and interests of its members.
  • To conduct a cultural and informational exchange, both nationally and around the world.


Main Tasks

  • To maintain an active database of alumni members.
  • To maintain a frequently updated webpage about the choir’s activities.
  • To assist the choir’s board in the creation and realization of performances and other opportunities.
  • To organize or partner in international projects and programs for the choir.
  • To assure a permanent exchange of information between alumni.
  • To assist the board in the creation and distribution of printed and electronic press about the choir.
  • To assist in the creation of partnerships with other musical organizations at home and abroad.
  • To stimulate, encourage and motivate choristers.



Members of the Alumni Club “Friends of the Sofia Boys’ Choir”

Alexander Dragovski

Anton Antonov

Bozhidar Tomov

Boyan Baychev

Victor Ibrishimov

Vladimir Gegov

Daniel Minkov

Daniel Nakov

Dimitar Kraev

Dragomir Dragiev

Zheko Bogoslovov

Ivan Mihnev

Ivan Yankov

Miroslav Lilov

Neno Hristovski

Nikolay Zagorov

Radoslav Penev

Svetoslav Tomov

Stefan Filipov

Stilian Minkov

Stoyan Pevtichev

Tzvetan Georgiev

Yasen Zerdev

Nikola Dimitrov

Filip Gavrilov

Anton Kanev

Georgi Penev

Kiril Veselinov

Theodor Popov

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